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HOI4 Anniversary Diary (And Free DLC)

09.06.17, 09:20
Hi everyone! but wait?! this isn't Wednesday? Indeed its not, its the one year anniversary of the release of HOI4!

To thank everyone who has been playing the game the last year we figured we wanted to give something out, even though Death or Dishonor is right around the corner. So once the build was done, and the team jumped on prep work for the next thing and 1.4.1, our awesome artist made you guys a bunch more non-historic portraits (fighting the good fight against clone army). As well as more custom division symbols to pick from. We also got a cool surprise when a member of the community contacted us about helping out with Polish troop voice overs (our resident team pole is on parental leave which was our original plan!). They sound super nice and its always cool to have members of community to come buy the office for stuff like this :) On release we also gave out the free DLC "United and Ready" that was focused on Poland to everyone, so we felt this was a fitting followup.

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